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Vantage Corporate Services Ltd
Vantage Corporate Services Ltd., the company established in 1991, is headquartered in Mumbai. The company acted as a SEBI registered Merchant Banker and is also registered with the Reserve Bank of India as a Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC). Vantage Corporate Services Ltd. is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Ahemadabad Stock Exchange. Vantage Corporate Services Ltd. has been partnering with its clients to provide Financial Consultancy and Investment Advisory Services. Gradually, it diversified into different verticals of Education, Media, Stock Broking & Insurance Broking. Vantage has adopted a mature model for sustaining and accelerating growth by managing business opportunities across horizons.

The diversified entity is guided by experienced and efficient team of professionals.

Vantage Media Ltd
Vantage Media Ltd., Associate with Vantage Corporate Services Ltd. is in the business of organizing various events relating to Finance and Education. One of the most popular events organized by Vantage Media Ltd. is Personal Investment & Finance Show. This event is organized every year at different locations to create awareness amongst investors about the financial markets.

Vantage Media Ltd. also publishes a Financial Weekly called INFORMED INVESTOR, which has wide circulation across India. This weekly focuses on various issues relating to the Capital Markets and Personal Finance.

Informed Investor
India’s Investment & Financial Weekly, Informed Investor is a weekly tabloid newspaper released in Mumbai every Saturday morning for the forthcoming week. Based on the closing prices of the week, Informed Investor reaches other major centres and upcountry readers over the weekend before the opening of the markets next Monday. Featuring seasoned market experts, Informed Investor has surpassed all other media in reading corporate moves or recommendations by our experts technical analyst, which have been accurate. 

Informed Investor” is published from Mumbai and available in 30 cities all over India spreading important news to our valuable investors. 

Independent of any broker, market operator, bank, finance company, industrial house or media conglomerate Informed Investor is run by expert’s media professionals and the contributors are stock market specialists and analysts.

Because of our expert and experience writers and accurate information, our newspaper has completed more than six years of experience in Finance & Investment market.